Living Hebrew in Jerusalem

There are many opportunities for where to study Hebrew in Israel, but not all of them are equally effective. Located in Jerusalem, our afternoon - evening ulpan has the goal to teach the theories taught in the class dramatically by way of games.

The lessons are brought to life by the use of dialogues, monologues, and the reading of texts describing real situations in Israeli life. For example, grocery store shopping will be brought to life, with almost all the scenarios that the average shopper can encounter. When the students reach the point when they are ready to converse in the grocery, we go out to shop at the store “for real,” and experience Hebrew in practice.

The obvious advantage of such an approach, beyond it being an entertaining, enjoyable experience, is that it leads to the student internalizing the material through the deep impression left on his memory. This is called Hebrew language immersion. This means that not only will you be learning Ivrit in the most effective way possible, you’ll be living it out in holy city of Jerusalem!